Recovery Coach Testimonials

Maggie T.


“After trying to get sober for the past 20 years, I am now a little over six months clean. This time around God has changed my experience with trying to get sober. God used my Recovery Coach to"fill the gaps" between the new way of life and helping me to make a new life possible.  She walks alongside me and helps me to accomplish things I might not do left on my own. She encourages me in my recovery work as far as helping identify barriers to make changing my life possible.  That's where she steps in and makes it possible for me to "breakdown those barriers" so I can have a new life along with working a recovery program. She believes in me, validates my feelings, encourages me and celebrates Victories with me.  It has been so helpful to have someone that goes beyond just the meetings and step work, that goes along with recovery and new living.  She connects me to resources that are needed such as counseling and help with medical issues. My Recovery Coach has helped me blossom into something beautiful and victorious. Thanks to Recovery Coaching my recovery has been enhanced in so many ways.”  

Kelly C.



"Having a Recovery Coach that can attend meetings with me, help reunite me with my family, and just be there with me has helped me to succeed in recovery.  A Recovery Coach is someone who goes beyond their limits to help me stay clean and succeed.  I'm in my own place today because my Recovery Coach helped with every bit of the process. I have just celebrated a year clean and sober and I am free from the addiction that held me back for so long.  Having a Recovery Coach that can attend meetings with me, help reunite me with my family, and just be there with me has helped me to succeed in recovery. I have peace, love, compassion, motivation, willingness, and open mindedness today!"

Brandi H.


 "Recovery Services Unlimited and my Coach have helped me to integrate back into my community after a painful struggle with alcoholism and the court system. My Coach became my friend and mentor, she brought accountability and support into my life.  I have overcome many barriers.  With their guidance and encouragement, I have completed a course of job training, and I am currently seeking employment with confidence. I will always be grateful for Recovery Services Unlimited and my Coach, they helped to pull me from a dark place and to restore my hope for a bright future."

Patrice E.


"Recovery Services Unlimited and my Recovery Coach have been a blessing n my life. Early in my relationship with my coach, I had a few relapses, and she did not give up on me! She introduced me to AA and AA literature which has helped me to now put together some consistent recovery time, as well as reuniting me with my family. I would recommend Recovery Services Unlimited to anyone wanting to rebuild their life after addiction. "

Scott C.


 "Having a recovery coach, who has first-hand experience with addiction, has helped me to overcome barriers that prevented me from dealing with problems with finances, drugs, and alcohol.  By eliminating hardships through communications I have learned to talk about my desires to use and helped me to overcome my temptations." 

Heather K.


"Before having the support of a Recovery Coach I felt alone and honestly pretty hopeless.  My Coach has encouraged me to hold on and keep moving forward in some of my hardest battles. Having a Recovery Coach has helped me open my eyes to the things I dreamed about in the past but lost in my addiction.  Coaching has helped me clean up the mess I had made of my life a little at a time.  I now have goals again, and I can actually see myself achieving them. She helps me find strength when I am struggling.  I would not have hope for my future today without the encouragement of my Recovery Coach."

Recovery Coach Testimonials Continued

Adrianna S.


"Having a Recovery Coach has helped me to find recovery and employment resources that someone my age would not find on their own. Also, in my age group, Recovery is not a thing and so I had no one to talk to before I met my coach and started going to recovery meetings. It has brought accountability and organization to my life and I am feeling solid in my recovery. My coach takes me to appointments and job interviews as well as meetings. I no longer feel alone."

Tina W.


"My Recovery Coach is more than a Coach, she is also my friend. She has helped me with social skills, people and phone skills. I have been able to go to Doctor's appointments and go shopping on my own because I am feeling more confident in myself. I have been connected with my Higher Power, learned new coping skills and have been able to comfort my self to fight my anxiety attacks. I have feel listened to and have been given resources and information that I would not have accessed on my own. I am doing things now that I was afraid to try before. I am stronger and want to stay on this journey of recovery."

Antoinette H.


"I have a wonderful Recovery Coach. I have been empowered through Coaching to begin therapy and to join a new group of women who meet to support one another in Recovery. I have started to believe in myself again. I now feel inspired, smile and laugh more. I have started looking into housing and have hope that things in my life can be better. I am so grateful to be part of Recovery Services Unlimited. I have hope for my future."

Emogene A.


"A Recovery Coach is a blessing to have if you are trying to get off drugs and alcohol. They have helped me from being homeless to having a stable home of my own. They help me get to and from meetings such as AA and NA and also to my appointments. They are very dedicated to their work and I wouldn't be where I am if I had not found Recovery Services Unlimited." 

Tara M.


"My experience with my Recovery Coach has been phenomenal. I've gone so much further than I ever thought possible because of the encouragement of a Recovery Coach. When I have a problem my Recovery Coach is always ready to help me find a solution that works for me. My Recovery Coach is rock solid and the best person to have on my supportive team."

Cecelia W.


"Getting Recovery Services Unlimited in my life, is one of the best decisions I have ever made for my recovery. I suffered a stroke and an aneurysm, and it is hard to remember and understand some things. Not only have I been helped with accessing community resources, my coach has encouraged me when facing uncomfortable memories and making tough decisions. I wish I would have had Recovery Services Unlimited in my life when I started my recovery journey because I don’t know where I would be without this service. I have 6 years clean and I am grateful."

Recovery Housing Testimonials

Dakota C.


"After getting our of rehab, again, I knew I had to do something different.  I  accepted the fact that I couldn't do it alone, so I went to stay at the Recovery Services Unlimited, Recovery Housing Program.  At first I disliked it.  They made me do things I didn't think I needed.  However, over time I started seeing a change in myself that I liked.  I was regaining what I thought I had lost forever; self respect. Through being challenged to step out of my comfort zone, I started to believe that I was capable of staying sober, and I surrendered to the process.  Recovery Services Unlimited believed in me until I could believe in myself.  I wouldn't be where I am without them."

Doug B.


"First of all I'd like to thank everyone responsible for starting this program and keeping it running for addicts such as myself. If it wasn't for the Recovery Services Unlimited, Recovery House Program I'm not sure where I would be in life. Probably dead. This opportunity has given me a chance to get my life back, learn to budget money and rebuild burnt bridges. I've made a lot of new, sober friends the last few months. My Recovery Coach, is extremely knowledgeable. Not only about recovery but about life itself. He knows what I've been through first hand and he genuinely cares about helping me better myself and my life." 

Nate K.


"Being in the Recovey House gives me comfort and stability which is the key for my recovery. It has given me the opportunity and tools to live a happy normal life without the use of drugs. Also, having a Recovery Coach gives me the added support that I need to stay clean as well as getting to my job interviews, doctor appointments, and several other important appointments. These programs are the stepping stones to get back on my feet and into the community in a comfortable normal way. A normal life for me. "